Anonymous what was Tywin’s plan if Eddard has…


what was Tywin’s plan if Eddard has gone after Clegane instead of Berric? he can’t actually know that Robert’s going to be assassinated, so isn’t luring the Hand of the King into an ambush just setting up a really elaborate way for the Lannister family to commit suicide?


That was his plan. He wanted to defeat and capture Eddard, force a prisoner transfer on unequal terms (symbolically humiliating the head of House Stark by equating him with Tyrion), and then hand Robert a fait accompli. 

Now what Tywin planned to do if Eddard caught an arrow and word got out that Tywin had murdered the Hand of the King and was now in open rebellion against the Iron Throne, I don’t know. But then again, Tywin was a monumentally arrogant man who didn’t really understand that the people around him would do things he didn’t foresee them doing. 

It’s true. One can say that Robb was a brilliant commander, but one can also say that Tywin was such a poor commander and judge of character that he was consistently outwitted by a 15 year old.