hpgross maxvista eroticaquatic egberts “money can’t buy happiness”…





“money can’t buy happiness” no offense but I’m at least 40% happier when I actually have money to take care of myself and do fun things… just sayin…

FUN FACT: psychologists and sociologists have actually studied this and it turns out money DOES in fact buy happiness but only up to a certain salary (I think its a little under $100,000 a year idk exactly), basically like once you make enough money that you don’t worry about not having enough money to live and also can do nice things occasionally, so “money can’t buy happiness” is a saying invented by rich people for rich people and they just say it to poor people cause they don’t want to give up their money

^^^ exactly

happiness is linear with respect to money up until a certain point, the question that is up for debate then is, is it worth a removel of a small amount of aggregate happiness from people at the upper end of the scale to assist every getting closer to the point where linearity breaks down

Also recall that losing money hurts more than gaining money feels good. (Losing $100 subtracts more happiness than winning $100 makes you happy.) So the balance point is going to leave the rich with most of their money.